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10 tips that creatives should know when creating content


As our country South Africa along with the rest of the world take up the fight against the novel coronavirus (Covid-19), there has been no greater need as the present for creatives to create ground breaking content. The test of creativity is upon us and this is what our Creative Director Maatla Seetelo has to say;

1. Don’t hide from people like you who would benefit from hearing from you
2. The point of your journey is to gain something that you can bring home to share with others.
3. Do one thing that breaks the rules.
4. Do things that will pay off more than once
5. Build a community — learn to serve them by finding out where they go to find answers and solutions for their questions and problems.
6. Create and solve good problems for yourself (i.e. growing pains)
7. Feel free to be the weirdo in the room.
8. You must invest in yourself. You can’t add value to other people if you don’t value yourself.
9. Majority of people in your audience want to know how to do what you do.
10. Listening solves 90% of your problems

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