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Linda Simelane- The Beginning is?

Over the years, technology has in many ways revolutionised our daily lives and the world at large. We are living in the age of amazing tools and resources, that put useful information at our fingertips. When it comes to the way we communicate, modern day technological advancements carry a powerful influence. Networking in the digital age is much ‘’easier’’ as we can now connect with people at the click of a button. The act of building a network and casting your net for potential clients, contacts and prospective employees is in truth easier than ever before. This is how the journey of a new beginning started for me with Kwambele.

I met Maatla Seetelo creative director at Kwambele Social Marketing for the first time at an impromptu business networking session I’d been invited to by a friend. It didn’t ever occur to me that Maatla would ever reach out, let alone to offer me a position soon after our brief encounter. I’d only bumped into him a couple of times less than 3 and the odd acknowledgement greeting glance, with a nod would be shared. Kwambele was in the market for a different calibre of person and I subsequently matched the profile, an opportunity that came at me through social media. Mr Seetelo reached out, KSM was expanding their internal team and strongly felt I would be a perfect fit to service a Traffic Administration role. The excitement gripped me, I wasn’t looking for a new job but I was certainly ready for a new challenge. I can recall sharing the news with a close acquaintance and the conversation was one, of rather much caution and keeping myself within the safe confines of a large corporate, because Kwambele was a small start-up venturing into Social Marketing and didn’t have much of a footprint. Admittedly starting over is intimidating, but it can be achieved one step at a time. I embraced the uncertainty and took a leap into something different.

The new beginning was an adventure waiting to be had and the end of another beginning for me. I was hired and what followed was beyond any of my expectations, the position was new and no reference points except the Jedi wisdom of Tshidi Modikoane-Mbele the CEO of KSM. I was literally in the deep end with nothing but a clean slate and the keenness to learn. Like any master and student relationship, Tshidi laid the foundation to which I would build upon this meant all the business the company did went through me. A herculean task juggling between business processes, work flow and delivering client feedback on work requested and making sure it all meets the brief requirements to the letter. The more I got into my role the more responsibility I took on, important client meetings and briefing sessions to decision making regarding big and major projects/events. I had a first class ticket seat to entrepreneurship and business management 101 and with the nature of the business and clientele, the margins for error were tight. I had to learn quickly, adjust my sails and trust the process. After a rigorous, positively challenging 2 years of record breaking performance, my role evolved and I became the business’s Client liaison Offer.

With the growth both on a personal level and business level, I was offered a stake in the company. You can imagine my reaction to this, not in the slightest did it ever cross my mind that I would be part owner of a company at the time. Excitement, unexplained emotions and the anxiety of a bigger picture set before my eyes, coddled me all at once. Scepticism knocked at my window of opportunity but I sobered up and it was clear where this journey was leading me and how much more it held in store for me. Being part of the executive team shone a light in every corner of my personal life and the endless possibilities of what I can potentially do in the coming years for family, my community and the business as a whole and what my contributions meant. I was now accountable not only for a portion but a multitude, and the feeling that comes with that is unexplainably great.

It would be a lie to say that I’m not happy with how far I’ve come but this isn’t it. The dream is only partially realized, Kwambele is about making it matter and I have certainly made it matter yet we all MUST make it matter and it all boils down to opportunity. I was given that, I never looked back and I absolutely love the market space we work within. The potential for a country that produces incredible citizens is there, we just need willing participants to give opportunities. Matter It Matter!

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  • Lungiswa Reply

    Congratulations! A wonderful testimony Linda … hope the new year brings you plenty of growth.

    January 17, 2020 at 5:58 am

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