Social Marketing is everywhere, someone just needs to push the 1st domino – Thoughts

When tough times grip the economy one can’t help but make a series of conscious decisions that aid in efforts of exercising frugality in all areas of one’s life. As a parent you always strive to give your children the best that you can, but this comes with a hope that they never squander and take for granted the [...]

UJ 94.5 FM Interview

I recently had the good pleasure of being interviewed on UJ FM 94.5Fm. Listen to the insights on the field of social marketing and the relationship it has to social media from that interview here: Part 1 Part 2:

How Youth Can Cope, Strive and Thrive In Their Business

As we aim to heed the call to the president’s proclamation declaring youth unemployment a national crisis, our blog for the next few months will be a knowledge sharing portal with like-minded people who want to start successful businesses. Together we can shape an Africa we want and become a work force to be reckoned with, which one day [...]

Why is Social Marketing such an unknown concept?

Social media marketing, social marketing, marketing! What’s the difference and how does social marketing make an impact? Let’s clear the air here. We cannot go a few hours without checking our social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, be it to learn more about the world around us, to measure ourselves against others and to stay connected to our [...]