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How Youth Can Cope, Strive and Thrive In Their Business

As we aim to heed the call to the president’s proclamation declaring youth unemployment a national crisis, our blog for the next few months will be a knowledge sharing portal with like-minded people who want to start successful businesses. Together we can shape an Africa we want and become a work force to be reckoned with, which one day will be commemorated as revolutionary (izinja ze game).

My journey at Kwambele has taught me many lessons that I would like to share with young aspiring entrepreneurs. When I heard about the drive from government to promote entrepreneurship, then my thumamina-moment in this big ask from young people would be to inspire and encourage young entrepreneurs that it can be done, and it is possible even though there are moments where it was tough. This article will cover basics of entrepreneurship and bi-weekly blogs that will deal with different topics, ranging from running a business to why I let my team come to work with messy haircuts and torn jeans. 

When I am asked, what inspired me to start my business. Besides the fact that I was a doting mom and needed to balance time between work and worrying about changing nappies and sleep time for the children. I am driven by a number of things; firstly, I value being happy and healthy, state of happiness for me is being content with the decisions I make; and spending time with people I value and love. Subsequently, I live for moments that bring meaning in my life, things I am passionate about. Through business I am driven by being part of a group of people who have one goal – that is serving humanity and being a cohort of people who want to bring about positive change in the world we live in.

What this has shown me is that entrepreneurs must have passion for the work they do and can see business opportunities from their own personal experiences and activities that interest them will assist to come up with new ideas and lay foundation to develop a good business model. A business plan is important as it gives a clear vision for your company and enables you better to plan towards the companies anticipated goals. This process will iron out the business leader’s leadership and decision-making style, don’t worry, this comes naturally and will be cemented by hard work and commitment to the business.

 I am often surprised at what my team wears to the office – hiding my face – but it’s the least of my worries, if they leave the torn jeans at home on presentation days and bring their creative heads, I am happy. Their state of wellbeing is inspired by working with loud music on and they watch YouTube videos in between their 90mins focus sprints, we have happiness trending. Value and appreciate your team, they come first to enable improved levels of quality and production. 

 Finally, creativity and innovation, dream to your heart’s, your business offering must be unique. Focus your offering and service that way you become a leader of the pack and able to differentiate your business from competition.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and maybe the next blog will be about one of the questions asked. 

Together let’s take advantage of this call, let’s be champions. The monitors…owners of our future. 

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