Kwambele Social Marketing is about people and relationships. We employ a customer focused approach with every strategy, bearing in mind that the objective is to always to prompt positive behavioural change. 

This is done through integrated brand management strategy, community outreach engagements, creative design & layout, digital media, activations, public relations, photography and film & documentation. 

We understand the importance of creating content that lives on digital platforms whilst seeking to play an undeniable part in seeding influence. There is an exploration process that takes place to determine how engaging audiences in social communities can have effects that are far-reaching and drive behaviour that leads to positivity while creating loyalty simultaneously.

This is why we don’t just tell stories but much like the potter we mould & shape the narratives to culminate resonance amongst audiences through the content we produce. Our efforts are exerted in aligning the use of quality content to the analysis of business objectives. We survey, conduct interviews, and use case studies to define how organisations can leverage social marketing to strengthen audience participation & customer care. 

This allows us to then couple social marketing efforts with channels that will enhance consumer loyalty. The benefits to this is a centralisation around increasing consumer insight and engagement. This is not peripheral but fundamental to driving behaviour change and business performance particularly through shared values thus in turn yielding returns and prolonged loyalty.

Digital Media 

Brand Management Strategy 

Community Engagement 

Creative Design & Layout 

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Photography, Film & Documentation

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