How We

Make It Matter

You are better off building a partnership with an agency whose primary aim is to help you play a more valuable social and economic role in the communities you serve. After all, those societies help drive our business forward.

Kwambele is a brand cause marketing agency with the sole focus of building brands through creative solutions which are sustainable and unique. This type of communication emerges from meaningful strategies which create a unifying and rallying cry and gives rise to social movements. To achieve this, we ensure our work is always accessible and inspiring. We strongly believe in the people of this country to unify for the advancement of our society. So, we actively focus and promote this way of thinking around branding and communication.

Kwambele is a woman-led business, characterised by youthful and innovative minds who are hungry to see change in the world they live in. The company gained traction from initial clients who recognised the company’s big-picture-thinking and professionalism which has presented growth in the services entrusted to the company. This goes to prove that we build strong and long-lasting relationships in which our clients consider us partners.

We apply our unique brand experience approach – the expert use of C4D’s (Communication 4 Development strategies) – to create innovative marketing experiences which inspire, disrupt, connect, and engage your prospects and customers in powerful and authentic ways.

Kwambele works with brands with a shared vision of transforming South Africa. We create socially responsible content, which builds trust, engages customers and mobilises communities to think and act sustainably. Developing an authentic and mutually beneficial relationship between a brand and its target audience is key to brand marketing. We develop strategies that proactively facilitate relationship opportunities and deliver quantifiable business impact.

We base our existence and offering on the Africa of 2063, where social movements will build a continent based on inclusive growth and sustainable development. We are committed to building brands that share our passion for positive change. Kwambele seeks new viewpoints on issues; and to ignite conversation and overcome cynicism, we consider dispelling taboos and spreading the truth.

We advocate for authenticity by not undertaking tasks or produce work which we believe will not generate impact. We understand the importance of every job we deliver, that it can save lives, create hope, rewrite the future, and, that is why we settle for nothing less than ensuring that with each campaign produced, we can confidently claim that we have truly made it matter.