loveLife.Mobi Clinic Locator Launch

Project Description


  • Development of a Media Relations Strategy
  • Provision of Media Relationship Building
  • Identification of key media opportunities for loveLife
  • Media analysis and recommendations
  • Media monitoring management

Public Relations Approach

  • Media + Delegates Invite Distribution – distributed invitations to media for the Visit Your Clinic campaign and followed up with them.
  • Interview Motivations – requested interviews for LoveLife’s spokespersons about the Visit Your Clinic launch, in order to increase interest and awareness. Angles focused on technology, health and youth empowerment
  • Research and Evaluation –Throughout this process Kwambele noted feedback received to ensure that gaps can be filled and the programme can be improved.
  • Media Release Distribution – sent out an updated media release with pictures, which provided insights into the success of the event. This was shared on the day of the event as well as the day after.

Newsworthy Angles

The launch of LoveLife’s Visit Your Clinic campaign appealed to journalists who cover the following news beats;

  • Technology – LoveLife’s use of technology to create more convenient access to healthcare facilities and services
  • Health – LoveLife’s promotion of a healthy lifestyle which will contribute to the betterment of society
  • Youth empowerment – This will be of interest to these journalists as LoveLife’s campaign is targeted at youth between the ages of 12 – 24
  • Kiddies shows – This campaign is also relevant to shows targeted at youth and could work well on these programm

Project Details

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More Information

  • Content Producer: Linda Simelane & Tshidi Modikoane
  • Project Manager: Linda Simelane
  • Creative Direction: Maatla Seetelo
  • Design & Layout: Sbusiso Phungula
  • Photography: Maatla Seetelo