Voices of the Youth Advisory Panel in South Africa 2016

Project Description

The Challenge: After a successful participation at the International Aids Conference, UNFPA planned a three-day consultation for its Youth Advisory Panel members, to further discuss and strategise on commitments made at conference, and address related behavioral and structural issues linked to SRHR and HIV prevention. To promote and advocate for youth participation, UNFPA desired to produce a youth publication and advocacy video developed from the consultation to present YAP work, their objectives and ideas going forward. The aim was to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Increased credibility of youth oriented ideas and youth directed implementation to prevent HIV and promote access to SRHR services.
  • Increased understanding and visibility of youth participation and increased capacity to mobilise resources aimed at supporting youth-led interventions

Kwambele was tasked with delivering writing, design & layout, printing of publication and shooting & editing of the advocacy video.

The Solution: After careful consideration and consultation with client we offered the following approach to truly maximize the impact of the communication, following a three-day consultation with the youth advisory panel.

We recognised the need to disseminate learnings, to increase credibility of youth led ideas and direction, and the importance of increasing understanding and visibility of youth participation. These were the fundamentals of the task at hand to ensure that the project was most impactful and meaningful.

We were very cognisant of the need to successfully communicate the ideas and information that resulted from the event. It was our belief that we also needed to add three essential ingredients to create forward momentum. 

The three ingredients were of equal importance and would influence our approach to the project. We wanted to inform but also believed it is crucial to provide inspiration, motivation and applicability as key factors with a meaningful impact on all our stakeholders and overcome barriers to participation which can often result in interest but prevent actual involvement. We ensured that participants get to tell their own truths, inspirations and conclusions. We needed to communicate that people who participate are representative of the potential within each of us. You do not need to be extraordinary to do extraordinary things.

The Results: The outcome of our approach aimed to create a connection by allowing participants at the event to describe their own lives, struggles and commitment before seeing them address a group of people makes them accessible, relatable & real. For youth it provides proof that they have the potential to be a meaningful asset, and gives confidence in engaging with stakeholders.

Project Details

  • Client:


More Information

  • Content Producer: Ziyanda Ngoma (UNFPA) & Tshidi Modikoane-Mbele
  • Project Manager: Linda Simelane
  • Creative Direction: Maatla Seetelo
  • Design & Layout: Maatla Seetelo & Sbusiso Phungula
  • Photography: Maatla Seetelo & Idumisa