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Social Marketing is everywhere, someone just needs to push the 1st domino – Thoughts

When tough times grip the economy one can’t help but make a series of conscious decisions that aid in efforts of exercising frugality in all areas of one’s life. As a parent you always strive to give your children the best that you can, but this comes with a hope that they never squander and take for granted the privilege they’ve come to know and enjoy. 

 I was in one of the supermarkets with my younger son getting a few items for the house and ingredients for supper that evening. We casually strolled through isles locating what we needed while comparing prices till we were adequately satisfied. At checkout I realised we’d forgotten to grab a loaf of bread, so my son quickly ran and grabbed us a loaf. I took it in my hands examined it for the Best Before date (We all do this, if not squeeze it for freshness) and as I passed it on to the cashier to scan, I noticed on the packaging that the brand had a label which read “1 million loaves, every year we donate through various national feeding schemes and soup kitchens.’’ This feeds 5 million little tummies in schools around the country every day. I was so moved by this, being a mother firstly and a businesswoman whose business is founded on the bedrock of making a difference that matters. I thought to myself, here’s a brand that does just that, make it matter and it’s simply through me buying their loaf of bread and this has enabled them to contribute to feeding 5 million little children every day. 

 The label on that packaging got me thinking about the power of consumerism and socio-economic behavioral change and what that meant in the dawn of an ever evolving fast-paced digital era. Social Media has become an undeniable influence in the way content centered around products & services is being consumed. Moreover, it has provided a podium for individuals & collectives to voice out regardless of which corner of the world they come from. This voice commands change and when enough people band together to speak as one its results are astonishing to say the least, with an impact that is far-reaching. The call to action is upon consumers and employees alike to take that social intercom and use it to speak up. They must call out and hold their organisations and employers accountable to their own mission. An empowered person is most likely to make decisions that affect them and the people around them positively. We need to prioritize and in a sense be woke in every sphere of our lives including where we spend our money. According to BusinessTech, a survey published by World Wide Worx, and commissioned by TymeBank found that “the most common goal, especially for those under 35, is to save up for a car (19%) and to study or learn a new skill (19%). One in 10 intend to start or grow a business and 9% want to buy or renovate a home. Which brings me to this point we are living in an era where companies cannot turn a blind eye to broader social issues. These under 35’s should be looking out for brands that support youth development. 

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