Why is Social Marketing such an unknown concept?

Social media marketing, social marketing, marketing! What’s the difference and how does social marketing make an impact? Let’s clear the air here.

We cannot go a few hours without checking our social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, be it to learn more about the world around us, to measure ourselves against others and to stay connected to our broader world. Simply put, while social media marketing is a type of channel or platform used to market thoughts, products and social movements, social marketing is a method of marketing a product or idea with the aim to empower the end user with tools to drive positive social change.

It’s no wonder there is an immediate about turn when we talk about social marketing.

Marketing guru, Kotler explains that social marketing is the design, implementation, and control of programs calculated to influence the acceptability of social ideas with the aim to improve the welfare of people and the physical, social and economic environment in which they live. It involves the same principles as traditional marketing with considerations of product planning, pricing, communication, distribution, and marketing research. However, the difference is social marketing focuses on changed or influenced behaviour as its bottom line.

It is the plain use of marketing skills to help translate present social action efforts into more effectively designed and communicated programs that elicit desired audience response. Basically, marketing techniques are the bridging mechanisms between the simple possession of knowledge and the socially useful implementation of what that knowledge allows. Does that clear up the confusion? Thought not!

Social marketing is a marketing concept that a company embraces where the business strategy is focused creating measurable business value by identifying and addressing social problems that intersect with their business. Therefore, it holds a shared value with their stakeholders.

Social marketing is motivated when companies want to determine the needs, wants, and interests of a target market and to deliver the desired satisfactions more effectively and efficiently. True application of social marketing is not competitive, rather it aims to mobilise stakeholders concerned with the same cause to share
strategy which results in a more effective impact.

Social marketing connects business, government, governance institutions to work together for social good. It is closely linked to the principles of corporate social responsibility and of sustainable development. Therefore, social marketers must attempt to satisfy the needs and wants of their target markets well-being while still creating value for consumers and society.

Kwambele Social Marketing is a leader in its field, whose sole purpose is to Make It Matter! CEO, Tshidi Modikoane-Mbele has been quietly working over the last five years to make a difference by applying her skills and expertise in an area of marketing which provides sustainable solutions to communities through her

Modikoane-Mbele’s approach to dealing with societal challenges is to use marketing strategies which are hinged on digital technology to produce creative, unique and sustainable solutions to reach diverse and widely spread rural communities.

Kwambele Social Marketing takes this focused approach because it seeks
to promote human rights issues within communities; and Modikoane-Mbele is motivated and inspired to  deliver innovative, creative outcomes especially when there is tangible evidence for clients, society and the brand. The results have indicated that there is high engagement and visible social behavioural change which
emerges from these social marketing campaigns.

Kwambele Social Marketing offers clients like NGO’s, CSI’s, government departments and UN agencies with innovative full house solutions from concept development through to execution and implementation processes in key priority areas of protection of children and women from violence, exploitation, HIV/AIDS and enhancing healthy living through design, strategic brand marketing, brand communication and activations, and social media which drives positive behavioural change in communities.

While a marketing plan approach does not guarantee that the social objectives will be achieved, yet social marketing represents a bridge which links the behavioural scientist’s knowledge of human behaviour with the socially useful implementation of what that knowledge allows. It offers a practical framework for effective social planning at a time when social issues have become more relevant and critical.

Modikoane-Mbele understands that social marketing holds the power to ignite conversations, educate communities and inspire change. Social marketing eliminates taboos, corrects learned negative behaviour and establishes truths. This approach maximizes impact and mobilizes communities to find new ways of addressing old problems and helps people understand and communicate effectively.

Heightened awareness is required to illustrate how social marketing influences behavioural changes, creates learning and influences attitudes.

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